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Who ?

A music band, some friends, brothers. If we had to define what is the W.A.N, it would be a blend of acid pop and ketamine rock, a cross between lacerated guitars and a sparkling tambourine. The W.A.N is a scenic bomb, it's the energy of a force-feed Redbull quartet without complex. It is the fusion between the erotic charm of melancholy and the connivance of the head movement on a good BPM. They are defining themselves as an unnamed band, the result of 2000 years of evolution, of an ethnic, social and cultural mix over the UK and US culture, we do not disapprove.

What ?

The W.A.N have a real desire to express themselves through a new record. But they are also conscious of the standard of living they own. Nothing for complaining on big causes or criticize a system they are part of. What if, instead of talking aout their lifes which have nothing to bring, they gave the speaking to people who have interesting things to tell? What if, instead of prostituting art for likes, they shared a true message which would made people think? What if, instead of trying to to original to be liked, they do real?

How ?

In meeting 8 people with incredible lifes or unbelieavable stories: they are called the Amazing. These 8 people would be related to 8 important themes. To conclude this short list of 8 people, the band had to document during weeks, to discuss in meetings they had. Each amazing will be interviewed; their answers will be ‘transformed” in lyrics then in music. A 8 tracks record but a lot more! For memories, to follow this adventure, and because a picture is worth a thousand words, the whole 18 months’ project will be filmed and published with a documentary which recount all the Amazing 8 story.